Who are we?

Hot deals. Hot prices. All day long – that’s Amazon hot deals. Our bin store isn’t just an amazon return bin store. We’ve centered the focus on high-quality products and merged it with the concept of one-price shopping. You pick the day, you know the price, and all that’s left is to find the items you want to take home. We sell amazon returns and you’ll find items from some of your favorite big box stores at just a small fraction of the price!

How does it work?

We start our week on a Friday with a new shipment of goods which is priced at only $12 each. The goal is to sell out that shipment in a week so throughout the week the prices drop: Saturday $10, Sunday $8, Monday $6 Tuesday $4, and ends on Wednesday at just $2 per item. We’re closed on Thursdays to restock with a new shipment to start again on Friday.

What makes us different from everyone else?

At Amazon Hot Deals, we pride ourselves on delivering a shopping experience that stands apart from the competition. We offer a welcoming and safe environment staffed by friendly associates who are always ready to assist you. Our premium product range features top-quality, name-brand merchandise that you can rely on, and we’re confident that you’ll be so impressed by our offerings that you’ll want to spread the word to your loved ones.
One important aspect to note is that we kindly request that our customers refrain from opening boxes at the bins. However, we have an unboxing area where our staff will be more than happy to open any boxes to show you the contents before you make a purchase. We believe this additional service sets us apart from other retailers and contributes to an overall positive shopping experience.
So why wait? Come and see for yourself what makes Amazon Hot Deals a must-visit destination for savvy shoppers looking for hot deals on high-quality merchandise. We look forward to seeing you soon!